Can i download illigal files if i already purchased the original ones?

So I have downloaded both NOVA 1 and NOVA 2, two games for my android phone. My dad is scared of the theory that wifi is harmful to the human body, s we don't haveit. So in order to download theadditional fils for the second game, I need wifi, and the first game let's you use either wifi or 3G, but my 3G kees cutting out or something, because it won't let me download it. I have purchased these games from gameloft and its making me agry that its been 3 days and I haven't been able to play it. Is there anywhere online I can download the additional files needed to play the game? Because I want t play them so badly.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have a hard time believing your story. First of all, if your dad truly did believe WifI is harmful to the body, he would be an extremist and chances are you wouldn't even have a cellphone. In addition, many corporate jobs continually broadcast wifi networks within the building.

    What you're asking us is to provide a download link while giving us the impression that you bought it, however you're not going to get it here. It's against the law, if you want it, buy it.

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