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Can you name a QB who had bad stats and a good year?

Apparently, many users think that a QB can somehow have a bad statiscal year on a team that does well in that same year. It got me thinking...Who are all of these mysterious QB's who had poor statiscal years on teams that did well in the same year? I cant think of any at all.

Trent Dilfer maybe, but his stats were mediocre rather than poor. Fact is that poor stats always equal poor results ESPECIALLY at the QB position. If you disagree then please tell me the names of QB's who had poor stats but still had a team that did well despite his poor stats.


EDIT - Tebow had twice as many TD's than turnovers, and that "great team" was dead last when he started, and that "great team" had a 20th ranked defense that year. Fact is the ONLY bad stat Tebow had that year was completion %, everything else was actually good. His number of TD per pass attempts was among the leagues best, his number of INT's per pass attempt was also among the leagues best, his rushing stats were very good too. ONE stat does not equal a poor QB and poor stats. And Denver got blown out in the 2nd round of the playoffs anyway...Not exactly "Good results" now is it?

Update 2:

2009 Mark Sanchez is actually a very good answer! I must admit, Sanchez was terrible that year and the Jets still made the AFC Championship game. Good Answer!

But my point is that bad QB stats 99% of the time equals bad QB's on bad teams. Look at the recent Super Bowl winners and llok at their QB's stats....Flacco was incredible in the playoffs last year, Eli Manning was both of the years he won, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady...They all had stud QB play...Good QB stats equal good results. Common sense!

Update 3:

@FIFA - First of al Flacco was in the top half of QB's in almost all of his stats in the regular season. That is not "poor stats" its medicore stats. Big difference. Secondly Flacco was outstanding in the playoffs.

Update 4:

@Milliner - I did not report your question, I answered it. I dont report any questions on here, ever! Whenever you put a users name in your question it will be deleted. And for the 3rd time I NEVER SAID GENO SMITH WAS GOING TO BE A GREAT NFL QB! What part dont you understand? I was answering all the critics who were saying he was a bum and not a good QB. Geno Smith has ALWAYS had great stats, no matter where he played or who his teammates were. I dont care about offensive playing styles, or coahces, or teammates. Bottom line is that Geno Smith has always shown to be a very good QB. And saying that he will be a bust is ridiculous for anyone to say. Thats exactly what I said about Geno Smith. I never said he was going to be great because of his stats! NEVER!

Update 5:

@Tu Cie - That year Tebow had 18 touchdowns.

Update 6:

@Tu Cie - You're not counting his rushing TD's. It doesnt matter if he throws it, runs it, or crawls it in. a TD is a TD no matter how its scored. He had 18 like I said.

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    mark sanchez in his rookie year.

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    I'm not hating on Geno. How can I? I'm a Jets fan. All I'm saying is that it's stupid to use his inflated college stats as a reason why he'll be a great NFL QB.

    Shortly after the NFL draft, you ranted about how Geno will be a great NFL QB because he had put up amazing college stats, not realizing how misleading they are. Unlike Barkley, Geno doesn't come from a pro-style offense. Rather, he comes from, without a shadow of doubt, the most gimmicky offense in College Football.

    Again, I'm not saying Geno will be a bad NFL QB. I'm obviously hoping for him to succeed. All I'm saying is that it's absolutely foolish to take statistics at face value without weighing in the circumstances.

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    Tebow, Dilfer, Grossman, Orton, Hostetler...it definitely happens. The things is that these QBs had to be carried by superior performances by their defenses, special teams, and running games. This is a team game. While the QB has an outsized influence, you CAN be successful without a good QB.

    It's just ALOT harder. Your defense has to be nearly perfect. One slip by a DB...one missed tackle by a safety, etc and suddenly you can't win because you can't rally from behind. Most defenses that are good enough to do that crack under the pressure.

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    Joe Flacco.

    19th best completion percentage, 14th in yards, 15th in TD's, and 12th in QB Rating. Yet he won the super bowl and got the (albeit shortly) biggest contract in nfl history


    For a guy who called himself an elite qb i would consider finishing at the middle of the pack to be a bad year

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    Tim Tebow with Denver

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    Luck last season. Bad stats but many 4th quarter comebacks hence a great season and double digit wins

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