High Cholesterol Level?

I am 28 years old Male. I was diagnosed with a very high cholesterol nearly 1 and half months back.

my total cholesterol: 497

LDL(bad cholesterol) :412

HDL : 59

Triglyceride: 131

Since then i am talking Simvastatin 40mg, and aspirin tablet. After visiting the cardilogist he told me i dont have to take Aspirin since i am not 45. Right now i am only taking Simvastatin 40mg.

This is the first time i am taking medication in my life, i dont have any allergies or any kinda of medical history nor does my family. My father does have cholesterol but he was diagnosed with high cholesterol when he was 59. which is very reasonable

Before i was diagonsed with High Cholesterol i had a very bad sleeping habbits due to school work and did not eat well. I weigh 144lb when i went to the doctor and i had hamroids and constipation.

My blood pressure was 129/84 and the heart rate was 99bps.

Now for the past 1 and half month i have completely change my life style..

I am a vegan now. Excercise daily. Run about 4 to 5 miles. Lets say for an hour straight and yoga for 30 mins and i have lost few pounds. I used to have a small belly now i have a flat stomach.

I only eat whole grains and vegetable.

My daily eating habbits are as follows .....


1 glass of water when i wake up

1 glass of Lime water after that

Cinnamon and Honey ....after that

1 bowl of whole grain Oatmeal with Flax seed and 1 Banana ( which makes around 9 gram of fibre)


Whole Grain wheat Rice

Lental soup

Sauteed vegetable normally i mix whatever i have in the fridge.( around 30-35 grams of fibre)

Before going to Jogging 2 hours before

2 glass of water

1 Glass Veggie smoothie ( mix every veggie in the Grinder no added sugar just plane vegetable nothing else) about 12-20 grams of fibre

After Jogging and Yoga

1 banana

1 orange or apple

1 Glass Veggie Smoothie


Whole Wheat Pasta with sauteed vegetable

(10-15 grams of fibre)

Around 10 pm at night

1 glass of water with Fresh Grindded Garlic paste

My goal is to eat 50-60 grams of fibre each day which i think i accomplish with this diet

After following this rhythm i have lost almost 8-9 pounds. I only use EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE oil.

MY BLOOD PRESSURE NOW 108/74 and PULSE(Heart beat rate is 74)

My question is I dont want to be in STATIN all my life. Next week i will go and give the blood test and i am pretty sure it will be down because i feel really well. Never felt so good like this before in my life.

If i dont take statin if my Cholesterol is low or reasonable around 200 - 240 will my cholesterol come back to hunt me again if i dont follow the same rhythm or take statins ????????


Sorry i forgot to mention i do drink lot of water .. especially green tea as i am a green tea addict now ... may be 5-6 12ounce glass of water...... I also eat 3 to 4 walnuts and 4 almonds each day...

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    It would have been more interesting to have known your full lipid profile? If you know it, re-edit the question. Total cholesterol should be <5mmol/l, however 2 in 3 adults have a total cholesterol of >5.0 mmol/l. The reason I asked for your total lipid profile is because although having a high total cholesterol will of course be a risk to your health; your TC:HDL (total cholesterol: good cholesterol) ratio should be taken into consideration .You should aim for a high level of HDL and a low level of LDL (low TC:HDL ratio). If you do have a low HDL, this reduces your risk factor of developing further problems long term. Do you smoke or drink? If you do, stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Exercise is a must- it will also raise your HDL (good cholesterol). If you live in the UK with ancestry from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka, you have an increased risk of developing high cholesterol. You are not overweight, your BMI is about 21. With regards to diet. Try and eat your '5 a day' fruit and veg. Eat at least three portions of oily fish a week, limit salt intake- not more than 6g a day and eat more foods that contain plant sterols. Unless there is a family history of high cholesterol or you have heart disease, are going through an early menopause or have kidney problems, hypertension or diabetes (which increase the risk of further problems) you really do not need to worry. Edit PJ above is correct.

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    I'm glad you switched you life style. That is really high cholesterol. The most common things to avoid is Transfat, saturated fats, sugars, Monoglycrides, soda, and other harmful things. If I was you, I would quick taking that medicine before it takes away you natural ability to get rid of cholesterol. No medicine is good, its all harmful. Let mother nature heal you. What I mean is eat nothing but a vegetable based diet, sleep well,excersie, take vitamins more than 100mg, and stay hydrated. your body should heal itself. The doctors don't know much about nutrition.

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