how to get in contact with head of admissions at georgia tech?

Does anyone know how I could get the email or contact details of the head of admissions at georgia institute of technology? I need to get into contact with him/her and I dont think that ill really get a reply by sending anything in on their contact form on the gtech website.


also any past students' advice would be welcome:)

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  • 8 years ago
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    You are most likely to reach the actual head of admissions if you can first discover who that person is and send an e-mail or letter directly to that individual by name. If the website does not give the information, you might ask for help from a research librarian. That person might have access to ways to look up the names of the officers at various schools. If you can contact an individual at Georgia Tech, such as a counselor or professor, that person might also be able to give you the name of the head of the admissions department.

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