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How many people/children died while having a hemangioma removed?

My daughter has a fairly large one on her head near her forehead. She is almost 5yrs old and kids make fun of her. I want it removed. Im tired of being told that it will go away

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    There are non-surgical interventions to be tried before surgery. Speak to her pediatrician and get a referral to a hemangioma specialist- this is likely to be a hematologist (hemangiomas are not just birthmarks- they are actually vascular malformations) but may also be a dermatologist.

    Laser therapy, steroids, and propanolol have all been used successfully.

    Source(s): Work in pediatric hematology/oncology... see about 10-20 kids a week with hemangiomas.
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    Children have hemangiomas between ages 0-1. It'll shrink between ages 5-7. Those kids are just jealous that she was kissed by angels.

    Here's a website for more information:

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