Does he like me? Im confused!?

We had this like really long nice conversation last week, and we were both witty and had a lot in common. Then he had to go and i was super awkward and was like "have a good afternoon" even though it was 6 at night and i sort of looked at him funny and it was weird, so i just walked away. The next day i saw him in the hallway in between classes, we were alone. he waved at me but i was nervous so i looked away but kind of waved to him, then tripped and walked away fast. i think he was laughing. later that same day i left my classroom to go to my next class, he saw me, walked over to me and said, "hey" all awkwardly. i freaked out inside, muttered hi, didn't look him in the eye and ran away. Have I blown it completely? Does he think i hate him? Since then, whenever i see him i try to smile and wave but sometimes awkwardly trip and forget eye contact. I will see him at a school party thing this weekend though. What do i do??? Btw yes, I do like him quite a bit. I usually am very confident with boys but he makes me feel a bit nervous.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think he probably does like you. It certainly sounds as if he is interested.

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