Why doesn't my boyfriend appreciate me anymore?

I feel like my boyfriend doesn't even try anymore. He's never sweet or romantic towards me anymore. He gets angry at me so often for little things. I've had multiple people tell me I don't deserve the abuse. They've also told me they know lots of guys that would take me home and treat me right. I feel like I should be treated like a princess, and of course I'd treat my partner the way he treats me. But now I feel like he is always angry at me and he often throws up these double standards, which only causes arguments. He often makes insulting jokes and calls me a jerk. Like today I was telling him I wanted to do something with him, he gets angry and says, "we do something every day".

Why has he changed like this? It hurts me to leave but if he won't treat me right I know another man will. What could have caused his change in attitude?

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  • 7 years ago
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    get him wearing your panties 24/7 and you will be in control of him,,he,ll be pleasing your every thought and desire and he,ll be treating you like a godess

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  • 7 years ago

    ask him straight out. are you seeing someone else? he will most likely say NO" then say, do you think women out there are going to feel you are a great catch? how many women do you feel would want to be treated like you treat me? then he will most likely start speaking his mind about what has been going on in his mind, and the real reason behind his actions. now also keep in mind he will be mad, and mad people often say things they don't mean, we often hurt the people we love the most. you need to let him know one thing and to always keep this in mind. if a man went out looking for sex on a friday night, he may find it, but a woman can pick any day of the week, and about any time day or night and have no problem. also keep in mind ever ready batteries will out last any man! and hony I know I deserve more respect then a bottle of hand lotion.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    There may be any your behaviour that was hurting him time to time.You may asked politely and pray with god to make your relationship good.

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