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(Girls) Should I do this or just forget about it?? (Long)?

Ok so on another yahoo account I asked a question about a girl. I will summarize the question

" I asked a girl that I have been talking to on and off the past 3 months if she wanted to hangout at the mall sometime and she said she didn't know if she could, then she said maybe right after that. I then asked for her number and she said she would give it to me tomorrow ( it was the end of the day on the way to her locker)."

Well someone said to wait the next day and if she gave me her number without asking then she was interested. Well sadly she didn't and this was last Friday. At first I was just going to forget about it because it looked like she wasn't interested anyway. But I noticed something going on with her lately.

The 2 weeks before I asked her started waiting for her after gym ( our last period is gym so after we undressed out of uniforms And i would wait for her in the hallway). Then we walk up from the basement to the middle floor and walk down the main hallway to the secondary stair case up to our lockers. She used to walk with her friends from the basement all the way up to the second stair case because its the fastest way to the lockers. Well the Monday after I asked if we could hang out me and my friend where walking from gym on the middle floor and I looked back to look for my other friend and I saw her just walking alone staring at the ground.

The reason I think this means something is because in the two weeks I would always wait for her after class I once was late out of the locker room and she was walking REALLY slow in the middle hallway as if she was waiting for me.Anyway so there were a few other little things that made me think a little about it.

Anyway GIRLS would it be ok if after class I went up to her and just asked kinda straight forward if she was just trying to say no in a nice way. Or is there another way I should approach this? Or do you guys think I should just leave it alone again?

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    If it truly bothers you, then remind her briefly. Don't come straight forward to it, because chances are you care about this much more than she does, and you don't want to give her the wrong idea. You could choose to forget it and move on, but know that that'll take more time and you'd have to be a patient.

    She hasn't given quite enough signals that she's interested, some girls forget because they're not interested and other girls "forget" to seem uninterested but really want you to chase them. You should play it by ear, then casually act like you remembered that she had forgotten about the number and ask for it on the spot. If she won't give it to you at that moment or the whole day, she's not interested. If she's giving signals that she is being a bit submissive, then don't be afraid to go for it. Most girls are mainly taught to let the guy chase them, so she could be waiting for you to make a move. Remember, don't over think it, just do it. Good luck!

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