PLEASE answer this sampling distribution problem for me?

Instructions: Answer all questions and show all work.

Suppose we have a population of size N = 3 units:

U = {y1, y2, y3} = {2, 3, 4}.

The values for y are

y1 = 2, y2 = 3, y3 = 4.

The population standard deviation is (statistician does not know this) and .

a.) How many possible samples of size 2, n = 2, can be obtained under sampling without replacement and not considering order of the draws (hint: NCn = ).

b.)Obtain all the samples indicated in a.

c.) For the population of samples obtained in b, compute the sample mean for each corresponding sample (this is a population of sample means).

d.)Compute the standard error of the mean under sampling without replacement and not considering order of the draws,


e.)Using the critical values of standard normal approximation of ±Z = ±0.967 as the critical value compute the Margin of Error (MoE).

f.)Construct the 66.67% confidence interval for the mean for each sample obtained

in c and report the to two decimals places (hint: )

g.)Does the nominal confidence level of 66.67% coincide with the observed percent of confidence intervals containing the population mean?


You may elect to construct a table with the following column headings with rows.

# Sample Mean MoE = Interval Contains

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    Well well well.. What have we got here? Mr Ash?

    Have you figured this out for your homework yet or should I say Quiz #6?

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    Ummmm..... Four...?

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