Theater directing project?

Im doing a directing project on the song Marry you by Bruno Mars

Its a bit complicated in terms of what he wants us to do so im not going to explain it all, but basically its not a musical or a play were just directing it like casting props story line concept behind the song and all that stuff.

The project is split up and my part is the design and casting

But I have a few questions

1) What does a director do?

2) What sort of props should I use?

3) what kind of stage should I use?

Please im just so confused and I know theater is a big passion for a lot of people so if you can help me with anything any any small thing that has to do with directing Id really really appreciate it and itd be helpful

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  • 7 years ago
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    1) A director is someone who tells everyone in charge. You tell everyone what to do. What you want to do is create story boards, or just even print the lyrics and write down what you want them to do. You should keep everyone on track with time and stuff as well.

    2) Sometimes you don't even need to use props. It really depends on the theme you use. You could make it a boy singing to a girl, or vise verse. Or same sex. But usually get your props from thrift shops, or have people donate them.

    3) You shouldn't need to use a theatre stage, but use something outside. Make sure you don't have any buildings in the background, maybe to do it on a nice summer day, but you could also try and rent a ballroom or something, or use your assembly hall at your school for some scenes.

    Any other questions:

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  • 4 years ago

    Director, producer, Lightning Technician, First on degree, help Band, Scriptwriter, makeup artist, cloth wardrobe Assistant, song Technician, Tester and quite some others. the jobs count on how long and what factors would be used interior the play.

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