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My boyfriend never lets me see his phone?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years and are each in our last year of high school. For almost the whole relationship we were open with each other. We would go on each others facebooks and could take the others phone without the other worrying. About 6 months ago though my boyfriend and I broke up for 3 months and during that time he went out with a girl which didn't bother me as I did the breaking up so I figured he would jump to someone else. After we got back together though he became very secretive with me. He changed his facebook password and told me he doesn't want me on it anymore and his phone is completely off limits, he wont even let me hold it. On the other hand I always let him touch my stuff, go through my phone and facebook, etc which bothers me as to why he cant do the same. I have caught a few glances when he is on his phone or facebook and see that he is talking to other people (more specifically girls) which is why im so suspicious. I've brought this up about two times now in the past two months and each time he has just apologized and then changed subjects. He's never given me any reason to not trust him and I dont know what to do. Advice would be appreciated

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    Seems like he has something to hiding something, That's why he dose not want you to go through his phone or Facebook. I had an relationship just like yours and i asked him for his password and he said no i got mad and said you must be hiding something if your not going to give me your password to then i was going to leave and get showed me and i went through all of it and found out that was talking to other girls calling them sexy and wanted to be with them. I us to have his password that's why i new he was doing something because he changed it. Same thing that your going through not saying that he is doing it but i seem wired that he let you before and then stopped. Best of luck hope this helped

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    this is really really sad to write, but i think he may not be being faithful, reading this whole paragraph, it was fine before you two broke up, and then it started once you two got back together, its just in my gut but ask him and if you have any doubts that hes telling the truth then i would suggest asking him to prove himself :)

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