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How long does it take an African grey parrot to have a full understanding of words and talk in full sentences?

I have one and I know he's very smart. I know he understands a lot of words, but doesn't speak many full sentences. He is either 6 or 2 years old, I don't remember which. I'm the second owner.

BQ:how do I teach him to talk when I ask him questions?

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  • AG mimic words. He will never be able to have a conversation with you. They have no idea what they are repeating and most do not repeat a full sentence. They tend to repeat words that are stressed in the house and heard often. That is why they pick up on curse words. Usually the person saying it is angry so it is louder. My AG says many tgings but it is all words I say everyday like calling my dogs name.

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    Its not likely it will sit there and hold a conversation with you . Mine says what you doing ? Then next he will call me a *****. And then ask where someone is and then say his name and say he's a badboy and if i sing he will sing his own song which sounds like a drunk sailor and i quite don't understand the lylics.but to add more words to his list just repete words or sounds near him but not to his face they take more in from the background than face to face.mine is 12 years old has lots of words and sounds but will only say what he wants when he wants.he picked sounds like phone ringing ,truck backing up alarm ,nextell chip ,dog barking by just absurbing his surroundings so from a distance not looking at him just repete words or sounds on a regular bases and he will start using

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    They live 50+years. Like us, maybe never. Keep at it.

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