Is this a good computer?

I need a new computer, something that can do multiple things at once like run skype and search the web. also i need a computer that wont freeze up when i run multiple programs on the computer ( simple programs, nothing fancy) Im going to college in a year and i will need it for that too... i was wondering if this is a good computer for all of this... and what is the difference between 4GB 6GB 8GB and i3 and i5 and also do you have any suggestions? Thank You very much for your time :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    it is decent in speed and the ram is more than enough. the graphics card is not that good but can do everyday things. 4gb, 6gb, and 8gb is the ram. you need a lot of ram for multitasking. i3and i5 or the different proccessers. i5 is better than i3

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