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im not an airplane expert, but i would like to ask an question.?

one example, De Haviland comet 4, from Berlin if im not mistaken. can it land on any large size airport? of course size is a problem. bt now i realize that, i feel that every airplane in Malaysia are same, either Mas Airline or AirAsia, they are same. do some country not allow certain of aliplane like De Haviland? i mean can it land everywhere with a large airport?

and do you think aircraft is same with airplane or aeroplane or plane?

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    De Havilland was a British aircraft company and the last 49 Comets were owned by Dan Air at one time, from there they retired. I think there is a non-flying display aircraft in Germany though.

    XS235 Canopus was the last Comet C4 to fly. It was with Dan Air when I saw it and was later bought by MoD(PE) and used for research, probably by RSRE or RAE.

    Some Comet airframes lived on as Nimrods until 2011 when they were all retired. So you aren't going to see anything that looks like a Comet.

    Some aircraft are banned from some countries by noise regulations, in the Bay Area we sometimes see an old FedEx 727 but you won't see that in Europe because they are too LOUD!

    Some airlines are banned from some countries based on their safety and maintenance record.

    I expect you see all 737s because that's what your local airlines fly. Get to a big airport and you'll see different aircraft.

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    Short answer.......YES

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