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Lifted trucks for dummies?

boyfriend drives a super super nice lifted truck. I know quite a bit about trucks, a lot more than a normal girl would, but I need help. a lot. can someone just tell me what they know about lift kits, cummins/powerstroke/duramax fight, etc?

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    Well, you're right they ARE for dummies. The lifting ruins the handling, braking and worsens the gas mileage. It also makes it hazardous for drivers meeting them at night as the lights shine right in their eyes.

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    A body lift is when you lift the body from the frame. A suspension lift is when you lift the frame from the axles. A suspension lift is what any self-respecting truck driver would want. It allows larger tires, and also allows for more suspension travel (to soak up large bumps and to rock crawl)

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    What exactly do you wanna know?

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