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Question about itools?

So I got an ipod touch 4 for chistmas. Now I want to use itools, but am unsure how.

I use my mom's mac for all of the itunes stuff, like my music and all that. My mom doesn't want itools on her mac, so I downloaded it on my laptop last night, then discovered I need itunes to use it. I am wondering if I can do that and still use my mom's mac for how I use it now.

That is possible, right? It won't end up using my laptop forever? I can still use my mom's?

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  • 7 years ago

    iTools is ancient history. It isn't an app, so you can't download it. Here is the history of Apple member services....

    – iTools, a free collection of Internet-based services for users of Mac OS 9, began 2000-1-5.

    – .Mac (typically spoken as "dot mac") replaced iTools as a paid subscription service primarily designed for users of Mac OS X on 2002-7-17. That was the final day of iTools service, which means iTools is no longer available in any way, shape, or form.

    – MobileMe for Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, iPod Touch users, and following its April 2010 release, also iPad users, replaced the .Mac service on 2008-7-9.

    – MobileMe was shut down on June 30, 2012, but data was still able to be retrieved for an advertised "limited time", until July 31, 2012, when the site finally closed completely.

    – iCloud is now offered with free and paid levels of service, starting 2011-6-6.

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