I'm 15 and want a son?

No, lol I'm not planning on having kids as a teenager.

This may sound a little weird, But last night I had a dream that I had like a 4 year old son and OH MY GOSH it was the best dream I've ever had! It gave me a feeling that I've never had before! I really loved him SOO much and it was unlike any other "love" ive ever had. I just wanted to hold him and play with him and just be his dad!!

HAHA now i know some of you will think at first "wtf" but it was true!! All day I have been thinking about it and will i ever have my little boy like i imagine?? I HOPE SOO! I just felt like i REALLY wanted a sonnnnn when i woke up, but heres the weird part. well theres 2 weird parts. 1st, i just dont feel as excited about having a daughter! I know its terrible haha but is that wrong or not normal?? be honest. 2nd, i didnt have a wife!! WTF it was just me and my boy! Im 16 incase u forgot haha. i just keep hearing him call me daddy and i love it. weird i know. tell me wat u think.


IM 16!!! not 15 lol

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  • 7 years ago
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    Girl!!!! Get yo life.... When you're all grown up,you'll get your son one day,focus on school and keep ya head up.

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  • 7 years ago

    thas really cool. i've had dreams like this before except i had a daughter, no dad just me. she kept cslling me mommy. well i personally i dont want a daughter, i would love to have a son. mostly because you can do more things & be rough. i grew up with a dad & brothers. they girls are cute & all but i like to camp, fish, sports & all that. a baby is a blessing ♡

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  • MK
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    7 years ago

    Totally normal I'm 27 and have wanted (and dreamed about) having kids since I was a teen too. If you have a baby now (I know you're not planning on it) it won't be fun. When you're older and established it'll be awesome.

  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't say your dream is ludicrous, in fact I think you should look forward to having kids someday. if you look at it from a Christan's perspective children are a gift from God.

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