What schools would you recommend?

I currently attend a very competitive public school that is ranked #6 in my state. My current schedule as a junior this year is as follows: AP English Language, AP Physics B, AP Statistics, AP. U.S. History, and A.P. Environmental Science, Accelerated Pre-calculus, & Spanish 3. (Took AP World History and got a 4)

SAT: 2280

ACT: 33

GPA: 3.5w 3.4uw (Very poor, mostly because of my heavy course load & long commute to & from school)

Rank: School doesn't rank

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Simon Scholar, President and co-founder of B.E.S.T. Men Inc., VP of Men of Distinction, President of Environmental Club, National Society of Black Engineers, National Hispanic Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Dress for Success, American Red Cross Blood Drive, SEED Program Engineering Internship, Track & Field (took a year off to focus on my grades), Emerging Man of Scholarship Award, National Beta Club, spearheaded effort to make my school a designated Green Ribbon School, Football, Habitat for Humanity.

Ethnicity: African

Hardships: Parents make less than $50k, extremely long commute to & from school on public transportation (2-3hrs. everyday)

Recommendations: Teachers will probably give great rec.'s

Essays: Fantastic

I know that I have a slim chance for my top school (Stanford), but assuming that I did what are the chances? Also, what would be some other top tier schools that will look past my GPA and give me a good chance?

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    7 years ago
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    Hell, go to any school you want. Your extra-curriculars look good, your SAT is amazing, you would be great for any school's diversity need, and frankly you could go to nearly any school you wanted. Try enrolling in all 7 Ivy League schools, as well as trying some other colleges. Statistics will play in your favor.

  • 7 years ago

    Being URM (under-represented minority) will help you a LOT. I'd say you will have a shot simply because of your race and the fact that all other parts of your application (besides GPA) look good. Top tier schools will fight hard for strong URM's.

    Of course, top tier schools admissions are unpredictable, so I really can't give you a definite answer, but you will at least have a chance.

  • Guts
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    7 years ago

    You're black, have a 2280 SAT, 3.5 GPA...

    You shouldn't have any problems getting in any non-ivy league school lol

  • You got a 2280 on your SAT? Go to a school that you feel comfortable with.

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