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Is it bad if my Eyes change colour?

My eyes when I was younger (about 6-12 years old) used to change colour every month or so, like, one month they were blue then they were green/grey and then a grey colour etc. I think it's settled down now (I'm 13) but I did have blonde hair for about 4 years as a baby and then it changed (if that has any impact?). I also have one pupil slightly bigger than the Other. I'm pretty sure they've stopped changing now. They're at a Dark green with a bit of grey and yellow/gold sort of colour. What did this eye colour change mean?

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    No,antes es mejor, a mi me pasa eso y tengo 14 años y por eso me las pico.


  • Sammy
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    It can take up to 5 years after you're born for you to get your true eye color and it's not unusual for someone's eyes to continue changing. A lot of people have eyes that change from blue, green, and grey. Don't worry about it. I'd consider myself lucky if mine changed like that.

    Also you mentioned your hair. True hair color can also take up to 5 years. You could have blonde hair at 2 and dark hair at 5.

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    My friends eyes change colors blue red grey brown hazel green pink black and he's 20

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    It doesn't really mean anything to worry about. I've got the same thing, my eyes go from blue (when it's sunny) to green/grey (when it's cloudy). Thing is girls dig guys eyes, especially if they are light colored. So just don't worry about it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    nope. same thing happens to me and a bunch of my friends

    mine change from blue to green to hazel to brown to gray, a bunch of colors lol

  • No, it's not bad. It's probably some kind of trait you inherited.

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