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Timmy B, why didn't QB Graham Harrell do well in the NFL?

Breaking all sorts of NCAA passing records, Harrell put up unprecedented stats during his college years.

He finished his college career with 134 passing TDs, breaking the record previously held by Colt Brennan.

His senior stats looked like this: 5111 passing yards, 45 TD, 9 INT, 70.6 completion %.

Gee, they look eerily similar to Geno Smith's SR. season stats?

Does it have something to do with the fact they both came from the Air Raid Offense, an offense designed to make any mediocre QB look Godly?

If you must know, Harrell went undrafted and hasn't started a single NFL game.

*** My intention is not to sh*t on Geno Smith or Graham Harrell. My intention is to prove to people that you can't take stats at face value.

Timmy B thinks Geno will be a superstar at the NFL level, just because he had put up great college stats.

Look up Matthew Stafford's college stats; they were not impressive. However, he turned out to be a good NFL QB.


Tyrone- He wasn't drafted because teams know better. They know how gimmicky that system is.

Update 2:

Where are AC Stylin and Reynaldo Weeks to back me up on this? They know what's up.

Update 3:

Timmy B- Only dumb hot-heads capitalize random words. I can tell you're mad. The premise of this post is to illustrate how flawed it is to take statistics at face value. THAT IS ALL (see, I can capitalize words, too). How can I be a Geno Smith hater if I'm a Jets fan?

Update 4:

Timmy B- Shortly after the draft, you kept bringing up Geno's great stats to prove how good he is, not realizing how misleading they are. Unlike Barkley, Geno didn't come from a pro-style offense. Rather, he came from, without a shadow of doubt, the most gimmicky passing offense in CFB. That is my point, nothing more. I'm not saying Geno's a bad QB. All I'm saying is that it's stupid to think he'll be great based on his college stats.

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    My best guess is that Graham Harrell developed a poor work ethic upon entering the NFL. However, if Harrell rededicates himself to work hard and perform very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful, top notch NFL quarterback in the future.

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