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I found my Oscar dead today..?

I have two huge Oscar tanks setup in my house. I have a 150gallon that had a 7" Tiger in it with 4 Clown loaches that are around 5-6 inches. I have a 30gallon sump and two fluval 305 canister for filtration. All of the fish were incredibly healthy. I dont know how he died or what happened. I found him on the substrate with torn up fins nd no eyes. My loaches had never shown any aggression at all. Ive kept them all fed and healthy. My other tank with My baby Oscar and baby convict which i would thibk this would happen due to the Convict. Any ideas on what happened and how i could avoid it again?


Im so sorry I forgot to put that I had a 5" Dempsey in with him. He was just fine and excited this morning when I gave him his pellets. He came and ate them from my hand. Bad habit ik.

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    How long was it between the last time you saw your Oscar alive and when you found it dead?

    It would be unusual for clown loaches to attack an Oscar, but they would certainly scavenge a dead one (and perhaps a dying one) in their tank.

    I ask because the fish wasn't just dead; it was torn up and eyeless, which almost always indicates other fish have been messing with it.

    As I said, you wouldn't expect clown loaches to do that, but if there were no other fish in the tank, then you have no other suspects.

    Fish, like all of us, can have heart attacks, strokes, and the like, but if the fish appeared healthy right up to the day you found it dead, I would look for some external cause of death.

    As always, it would be a good idea to check ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels to see if something is amiss with your water quality (although having an Oscar-sized dead fish in the tank can itself play havoc with water quality).

    I believe in doing a big water change after any fish death.

    Edit: Oh, you had a 5-inch Jack Dempsey in that tank? Forget what I said about the loaches. Unless you have strong evidence to the contrary, Jack got peeved at Oscar and tore into him. That's what Jack Dempseys do. You do know that the popular name "Jack Dempsey" is after the most famous boxer of the 1920s, don't you?

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    The tiger probably beat it up

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