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Yahoo roto fantasy baseball draft?

If im in a 12 team standard roto league, and ive got a draft this saturday night. Im no noobie by any means at fantasy baseball, but really need a strategy going into the draft. Ive come to notice the importance of Closers, even more essential than SP. Their low era, whip, and Saves give u 60% of the pitching category right there. last year i had one RP, this year im shooting for 3-4. When do i start drafting them? round 6-9? Anyway, im trying to layout a realistic 1-3 rounds that i could draft in a 12 team league. I was thinking like mccutchen, wright, Price. Thoughts? any tips are helpful :)

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    I'd pass on Price,and go after later SPs like King Felix,Darvish & Harvey..

    And,I'd wait till round 10 to start looking for closers.

    I have A.Gonzo & Rizzo as starting 1st basemen,and they are very solid for their A.D.P.s.

    Santana & Rosario are very good bargain catchers.


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