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My 3ds wont play ds games.?

When i bought my 3ds, brand new, it played ds games fine. today i tried playing kingdom hearts, it showed the error message. then i tried playing Pokemon black. it formerly worked on the 3ds now it doesn't. i'm really nice with my electronics (never cracked a screen, games i return pre-owned are the same quality as they were when i bought them) help would be appreciated

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    Are playing games using R4i/Acekard? And did you updated your 3DS? If you did then the system will never read r4i/acekard again. You must buy original individual games from now on if that's the case.

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  • walko
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    perhaps it doesnt different than those because of the fact somethings incorrect with it. My 3DS performs an excellent form of video games completely despite if their previous ones perhaps you need to replace them considering there's a glitch or basically flow on and dont play them in any respect.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    did you somehow disrupt the game during play or is there something in the cartridge? i would get it checked out at gamestop.

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