Is my Friend Using Me?

Im a Senior in high school and everyday about a half hour before school starts me & my friend go to the school Library. about 15 minutes before schools starts my other "Friend" will come down and be like "oh, hows life? and say "Did you do the Math homework?" "Did you do the Science Homework?" "History?" etc? "If so can I get it? thanks!" and then she leaves, and now im letting her borrow some of my school books because she lost hers and she never gives them back to me on time before I have class and I get in trouble for not having my stuff!

If I approach her in the hallway and say do you have my books she will look back at me and start sprinting away from me and give me my books back in the next day or 2. and be like "oh i didn't hear you in the hallway"

The only time she ever talks to me or has a legit conversation with me IS if she needs me to do something for her or give her something. Shes a nice person so im not sure.

If I try to make up an excuse like "Oh i left it in my Locker, she will tell me to go and get it

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  • 7 years ago
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    Definitely using you. I went threw this in HS also. Keep your distance from her and learn how to say NO!! She'll get the point.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • 7 years ago

    slap the ho

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