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I feel like I don't connect with people?

Is this normal? I don't know why I feel this way. It seems like talking to people is more of a chore than something that's enjoyable, and it often feels forced and unnatural. The only person I actually enjoy talking to is my professor because he is funny, is a great listener, and i feel comfortable around him. I feel like people my age think I'm weird, most ignore me, and give me the stink eye. I'm a nice person, too; I don't enjoy talking about people. I have no interest in that, and I find that's what most people talk about: gossip. I am depressed, so that might be another reason why I'm somewhat withdrawn, but regardless, Is it normal to feel this way? No mean comments please. Thanks for the advice.

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    I wouldn't say "normal" in that everyone feels it, but it certainly isn't "wrong" either. I have a similar problem, in that people, that is to say, the everyday hum-drum of reality, just don't interest me. I much prefer to imagine, postulate, and talk of higher things; ideas and dreams, with people who are intelligent and kind. Seeing as you only connect with your professor, you sound a great deal more mature and intelligent than your peers. Unfortunately, I do not know know of any way to "fix" this. I've been blessed to find a select few group of friends who share my desire for intellectual stimulation and imagination, but not many. The fact is, people like us can be hard to come by.

    But, that by no means you should change. You have a unique mind, one that is curious and kind. Far better to be one-of-a-kind than one of the prattling masses. Perhaps you could try finding a hobby or activity that interests you, taking a new class or extra-curricular activity that you might enjoy, and possibly meet people with similar interests. There are friends out there, sometimes they just take a while to find. Never give up hoping, my friend, and never stop being the unique mass of particles and energy that you are!

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    A lot of the time I feel the exact same way. I dread talking to some people sometimes because I just don't know what to say. As you said, depression could be a cause of this. Because you are feeling down, you aren't feeling up to talking to certain people. Another reason is if something traumatic happened to you. You could be suffering from PTSD because this is a listed side effect.

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