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why is confessing a turn-off to taurus people?

like when their crush (whom they have liked for 2+ years) confesses to them? after that why do they try to forget you? i know that it "scares" them but any other reason(s) pls explain ^^

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    Its not actually a ' turn off' : but we just dont really want serious things happen

    Unless we made up our minds bout that.. Because taurus will definitely go for you once he decided to--like court u or ask u out. Taurs' crush confessing to him, scares him. Because hes not ready yet..and ii guess it stresses us because that person is expecting --for example: ' me' to answer him.. Which im not ready and of course we dont want to force ourselves to go into next-level stuff other than just a crush. And we hate that. Simply " not ready yet" . THATS ALL.. I know it confuses people but its just us soo yeah..^^

    Source(s): Taurus
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    I dont think a confession really sits up high on peoples list, unless is that what he wanted?

    You dont have to confess to a Taurus, you can always work it other ways.

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    They are a stick in the mud. I don't think they are scared. They just do not want to confront changes or new challenges which a relationship might bring.

    Source(s): 100% not a Taurus.
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    we take a long time deciding.we feel things out.we take it slow until we are ready.we like to know about you first.then maybe proceed.but we have to be 100 sure.

    Source(s): Taurus
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