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First time getting drunk... please help me?

I'm new to drinking and a huge group of my friends are having a get to gether to celebrate her birthday and everyones got to bring there own drink... How much of what drink is enough to get drunk? I'm not sure what I'll be drinking yet, depends what the shops got but for example how much cider would it take to get me drunk (I'm a 17 year old female, 5'7, 10 stone) or how much lambrini or what ever

Would apriciate it a lot thankyou xxx

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    1 drink is considered one 12 oz beer, one shot of 80 proof liquor, or one 4-5 oz glass of wine.

    At 140 pounds, 2 drinks will significantly affect your driving skills, 3-9 drinks will get you legally intoxicated, and with more than 9 drinks death is possible.

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    91/2 would do it

    Also depends on what's on what in thy drink

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    call the police and ask them...

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