Will congress stop women from going into the infantry?

I heard they were called on to stop this decision by the sec.of defense is this true? Also would it not degrade unit readiness and, effectiveness? Also what about rapes Wont they be on the rise? Because i do not believe they can stop rapes in this type of situation. So what is being done to stop this? Is congress going to do anything about this?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I haven't heard anything about them stopping it. I don't see how it would degrade unit readiness and effectiveness if they hold women to the same physical standards as the men. I don't really see how rape comes into play. Considering the fact infantry units come in contact with women on base all the time and nothing happens I don't see how that will somehow change now that the women are in the same unit. I also don't see rape being a huge issue on a patrol because unless the entire unit goes along with it I'm sure someone would prevent it from happening and not to mention the fact when infantry are out on patrol they usually have the mission on their mind and not raping someone who is going to have to have their back if they get into a firefight.

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