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A boy swimming in a lake smacks the surface of the water with his hand, creating sound waves that travel through the water and air. Which will hear the sound sooner, a fish swimming 5 m below the surface of the water, or a bird flying 5 m above the surface of the water? Justify your answer by discussing how sound travels through a medium.

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    The speed of sound in water is considerably greater than the speed of sound in air. The fish hears it first.

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    a million. Sound will no longer be in a position to trip in a vacuum as a result of fact sound is largely waves. In a vacuum there is no longer any further one thing wherein the waves can trip by way of. (waves can in user-friendly phrases trip by way of solids, beverages or gases) 2. If 2 human beings shout mutually a long distance away, you pays interest the two one in each of them at the comparable time 3. At greater altitudes there are lesser air molecules latest in order that may replace the associated fee of sound. 4. i'm no longer in all hazard advantageous about this yet i imagine of its as a result of fact there are extra beneficial echoes indoors the bathe as a result of fact the room may be lots smaller and sounds will leap off the wall extra beneficial extremely as a result of fact it is nearer to the sound resource. 5. it may desire to be very sound absorbent (i'm unclear what the ideal time era is). So the room may be filled with softer subjects like carpets, carpeted walls and subjects like that. 6. Ultrasound is sound which has a frequency greater than 20 kHz. The emitter supplies off the sound and it bounces off the item and returns to the receiver. The receiver is in a position to make a image in accordance to how lengthy the sound takes to go back to the receiver. If the item is shifting, like a beating coronary heart, it is bypass may desire to be calculated by way of applying applying the Doppler result. 7. White noise is a random signal of random frequencies with a flat ability spectral density. A white noise generator merely generates white noise. it is applied to disorientate prisoners or be used indoors the sound industry to help with the EQ. 8. This one is incredibly in accordance to a guy or woman's theory. 9. commonly, i replaced into taught that the volume doubles for each and each strengthen in 3 decibels. in spite of the fact that the decibel scale is an exponential one so it relies upon upon from how loud you're starting from

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