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Some general puppy questions?

My roommate's puppy (7 weeks old) is Half Lab/Half Border Collie, with both parents being AKC registered. It was an accidental litter, with only 4 puppies born. We picked her out a few weeks ago, then got a call from the "breeder" on Sunday saying that we needed to go pick her up a week early because she was having to leave town and didn't have someone to watch them. They've been away from the mother completely for 2 weeks, as she went on a hunting trip with family.

Anyway, I just have some general questions about some weird stuff the puppy does. I've had a puppy before, but it's been more than a few years, so I've forgotten a lot about their little quirks.

How much should this puppy be sleeping? She'll wake up to play ever 3-4 hours, then pass out after 30 minutes. And I don't mean she slows down and stops playing, she goes from running around to passed out on the floor. How normal is that?

How much should she be eating? We pretty much just feed her as much as she wants every 4 or 5 hours, whenever one of us gets home or she wakes up from a nap.

She cries/whimpers while she's playing with toys, is this normal?

She won't pee on the couch (which is why we let her nap up there with us), but she'll pee on the floor almost every time she's on it, is that normal?

She whimpers and cries when we're in the car, how can we help her relax?

Is it okay to have my dog (an older Corgi) sleep with her in the bathroom? It seems to keep her calm, but I'm moving out in 2 months and I'm worried about her getting too attached to my Rexy in there and not being able to sleep after we leave.

Her ears are floppy right now, but are pointed like a Collie's. What are the chances they'll stand up?

She has really tiny teeth, much smaller than most puppies, is she going to get puppy teeth, and then grownup teeth, or just go straight from what she has now to grownup teeth in a few months?

Should we be wiping down her privates after she potties, or is that just when they're really little?

We're feeding her a mixture of wet puppy food, dry kibble, and some weaning powder (since she isn't 8 weeks old yet), should we be phasing any of that out?

Thanks to all who answer, sorry this is so long!

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    Sleeping- It Isn't Really Usual For Puppies To Just Drop Down In The Middle Of Play Time. You Should Let Her Sleep 2 - 3 Times A Day. In The Morning, Afternoon, And Night. In The Morning And Afternoon- Just For A Small Rest *IF* She Needs It. C:

    Eating Times: This Will Turn Into A Bad Habit And It Will Eventually Most likely Cause Problems With Activeness And Obesiety As Well As Future Health Problems. Give Her The # Of Cups On The Back Of The Dog Food Back That IS Recommended. For Her Being A Puppy, I Would Split That In Half, Feed Her Half In The Morning And Half In The Afternoon / night Time.

    Toy Crying- Sometimes, This IS Very Common When Dogs Cry Or Whimper. Sometimes It Is Also A Show That They Are Having Fun - As In A Whimper Of Joy- But This May Lead To A Problem. Make Sure When She Does This You Pet Her And Play WIth Her Calmly.

    Pee Problems- Yes, This IS Very Common. She WIll Need To Be Potty Trained.

    Car Rides- My 1 Year Old Pitbull Is Like This. You Just Need To Have A COuple OF Her Toys There, ANd Be Right Next To Her. Try Taking Her For SHORT Rides To The Park Or Somewhere She LIKES To Go Every Now And Then Until She Calms Down. Then She Knows Car Rides Are Usually Leading To Fun Times. c: Car Ride = Fun Time c:

    Sleep Arrangements- Honesly, I Don't Think This Is The Best Idea. You Shouldn't Get Her Too Attached If You Plan On Leaving.. You Should Let Them Play Together And All, But At Nighttime, I Would Seperate Them.

    Ears- I Don't Think There Is Much Chance They Will Stand Up. They Will Probably Be Perky Floppy Ears like Most Puppies- Especially If They Aren't Clipped, Or Already Standing.

    Teeth- This Is Usual. If They Don't Get Better In The Next Month Or So, Ask A Vet.

    Bathroom- No, You Should Not Be Doing This At This Age.

    Food- Make Sure You Don't Over Feed Her. Take Out The Wet Food And Stuff When She Is Around 2 months Old.

    Source(s): Im Awesome With Animals <3 & I've Raised 3 Puppies.
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    As strange as it may seem puppies need a lot of sleep because they are growing, So her sleep pattern is fine.

    Her peeing on the floor only is weird but it's awesome, She kind of knows where she can't go to the bathroom.

    Get her a ball or a toy that she it attached to, that will probably calm her down in the car.

    I think she'll be fine once you move, I think she just doesn't want to be alone in the bathroom.

    About her ears it depends on the dog.

    2 sets of puppy teeth then adult teeth.

    Only wipe their butts when they are really little, unless it looks infected then yes wipe her butt.

    I think you are good on the food.

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    Here are some links that may help (they are about puppy care in general) :

    Hope I helped and good luck with your dog! Sorry if I didn't answer all the questions.

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