Used Wrong Email Address To Send an Email to Someone?

I was signed into a personal account when I should have been in my account that is used for college.

I only now realised my mistake and am wondering can I take the email back or simply change the email address that's on it so they don't mark it as spam?

I know I can just send it again from the proper address but I'm just wondering.


This is Gmail I'm talking about by the way if that helps in any way.

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  • Nick
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    8 years ago
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    Once you've sent it, it's gone. There's nothing you can do about an e-mail you've already sent.

  • 4 years ago

    bypass to Yahoo's abode internet website, click on My Yahoo...then click on My Account then it somewhat is going to pop up your digital mail shield...then you definitely might even see as quickly as you're lacking any letters/numbers in you shield.

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