Why does my GirlFriend want me to have a massive size body?

Ima skinny guy i only weigh 142.3 im 5,9 and i do go to the gym i do cardio swimming and i lift light i only lift big when i do torso and back exercises and chest i dont want a buff *** body like an extra 100+pounds i wanna mabey pack my body with 30 more pounds of solid steel muscles seriously how many thin guys who have that kind of body so you see at the gym none at all manly meat head huge guys im currently focusing on a body like bruce lee's if i can get it iknow its work but yea i think thats a cool body for me?

so basically i wanna stay on the thin/skinny side just skinny buff

seriously why des every guy have to have a buff body trend or not whats wrong with a thin and buff looking body

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Good Legs? : Running and sports

    Good Abs?: P90X or Insanity Dvd Twice A week onto of other daily exercises and healthy but chunky foods. Good Luck Im a chick and Insanity is hard but is so amazing if you actually do it. Now all i need is a healthier diet teehee xD

    Source(s): Milk is my source.
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