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Ways to enhance Uncle Ben's chicken broccoli rice?

What are some ways to enhance it, make it more substantial? Other than adding chicken, because I have a protein already. Will adding cheese make it better? I have cheddar, American and mozzarella. Thank you!

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    You can add more veggies to it...steam them first. Shredded cheddar and hot sauce will make it tastier. A little sour cream will make it creamier.

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    Add more broccoli and use 1/2 of the water and other 1/2 chicken broth. If you want to add cheese I would try cheddar.

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    I do add a little can of chicken, but also some thawed frozen broccoli and a handful of sharp cheddar. (I kind of disagree with the broth thing because it's already flavored and has enough salt). Add some chopped water chestnuts if you want crunch. Add some chopped red bell pepper for color if you want.

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