How do i unlock an ipod5 if i dont know the passcode?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello friend how are you? :) I hope to do very well.

    First you have to download iTunes from here:

    After you download the version for iPod touch IOs 5 (firmware) from here: must be version 6.1.4 iOS

    Finally to turn you put it in DFU mode ..

    What you have to do is connect your device to your PC, and put it into DFU mode How to put my device in DFU mode? Just follow these procedures:

    1. - Press power button for 3 seconds

    Two. - Power press and hold home (home and power) for 10 seconds ..

    Three. - Finally let loose power and home down for 15 seconds.

    Tips: Remember changes hold buttons are buttons that have tightened.

    Well now iTunes will detect your device and you tried to restore to the firmware you downloaded.

    Maybe you get it wrong, but just a matter of restarting the pc, sometimes problems occur when you have tinyumbrella, if you do not know or you do not there is no problem, sometimes also happens to make a donwgrade, if you do not know no No problem, if you did nothing of the above iTunes restore your device smoothly :).

    If you persist with error!

     IREB download ...

    Ireb: is a program that fixes bugs in iTunes, how it works IREB? For works by installing an exploit to your device so that iTunes will not make a mistake.

    As used, to use it, just open it, select your device, and put it in DFU mode (instructions from above), and then wait, let it finish and open iTunes, then you restore it without problems.

    What do I do if IREB not installed on my computer? No, I have to look hehe joke, until I get bored of explaining nahh. Well just install Java on your PC, and if it does not work make sure you have Windows 7, but if it is compatible with XP

    Download Java from here

    REMEMBER NOTHING IS COPYING, I hope that values ​​my work and if you follow me everywhere have great knowledge.

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    Ja1lbreakAzdx_x either goes from here

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    So I conclude my answer, I wish you luck, take care and best regards.

    Atte: Juan-33p  

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    4 years ago

    you could desire to restoration it. this is going to erase the contents on the touch. a million) connect the iPod touch on your pc/Mac 2) Press and carry sleep + abode buttons till the gadget reboots. 3) save conserving till the "please connect me to iTunes" demonstrate looks 4) iTunes says some thing approximately having detected a sprint in restoration mode. enable it to proceed in case you get the -18 errors, proceed: 5) Disconnect the iPod touch 6) close iTunes 7) Reconnect the iPod touch 8) iTunes launches and shows message as in step 4, yet this time, the restoration will artwork

  • 7 years ago

    You can't.

    You have to rest your iPod. If you go online it will say how to o it

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