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Is it okay to date someone if you like someone else?

please help me. im in a relationship with my girlfriend for a year. and well yesterday i came across this girl that was really pretty.. and now I'm sooooo in love with the girl i just met. and i always think about her (the girl i met yesterday)

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    My friend is in the same situation. She has been dating this guy a while and now all of a sudden she started talking to another guy who really likes her. so I went up to the guy who likes her & asked why wouldn't he wait until she broke up with her boyfriend before they started talking & he said "she's not going to leave him until she knows what else is out there" . He made a pretty valid point. Maybe you should follow this advice ?

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    Looks aren't everything dude, if you only met her just yesterday--- would you really know if she could be a keeper? I wouldn't chance it XD

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