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Too much oil in car? Should I drain?

Alright. So I checked my oil and the dip stick was bone dry, even after shaking the car trying. So I went to store got a 5 quart and dumped probably 4 quarts in. Unfortunately I didn't know that the car only holds 3.5 safely. Is this gonna be a problem? The car ran for a 20 minute drive fine. Just don't want to risk it. Should I drain some?


Car holds 3.5q oil

Put 4 quarts in

What do?

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    See how high it is on the dip stick, if too full drain out a bit till it is on the 'F' (on level ground).

    Now then run the car for 15 secs, check the oil if too full drain some more, if not but low add more.

    Check you'r oil regularly and it'll be fine! ;-)

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    A half-quart over-filled wouldn't do much harm - the extra half would probably just burn-off more quickly.

    But just because no oil showed on the dipstick, doesn't mean there was none at all in the sump . . . . if there were 2 quarts there you're really 2.5 quarts overfilled. As others have said, go by the dipstick: if it shows considerable overfilling, drain some out: too much overfilling can lead to the oil frothing as the con rods dip into the oil - leading to air in the oiling system = inadequate lubrication.

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    I have to ask why did you run the oil so low? there is a saying " check it or wreck it" you were very lucky, check it more often, in answer to your original question I would drain some off as running with too much oil can do damage as well, blow seals etc

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    It's really going to be more of a hassle to drain it because you'll have to completely drain it a refill if it's only .5 of a quart you should be fine it's won't hurt.

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  • Overfilling your car can cause too much pressure on the seals.

    overfilling engine oil is just as problematic and can cause engine problems or complete engine failure

    You should remove the excess oil.

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