Am I sick or just lovesick?

I'm never hungry anymore. I don't eat breakfast, I have something very small for lunch just so I don't seem anorexic, I eat a snack just because I'm bored, and I often feel sick after the smallest portion of dinner. I also often feel lightheaded or have a headache, sick to my stomach, and tired, which might be because I can't sleep at night. Also, get this feeling in my chest like I have butterflies, but they are in my heart. When I went to the nurse last friday, she gave me crackers and had me lie down, but it only helped for that time while I was in there. My parents are really busy so I probably won't get to the doctor anytime soon. I would go to the nurse again, but I've been skipping class a lot in the past and I don't want it to be noticeable. This might be because I'm nervous about this boy that I've been texting, but this has been lasting for a week and I don't think it should last that long. Please help me.

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    7 years ago
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    You should start to think again. It's nice to have some lovely feelings but skipping the school for this or getting lightheaded due to a guy, that's no one worse it. Most probably he loves what you're before and not what you're going to be, so return to your normal habits.

    Most probably you're just 13 or 14 and you think this is the great love, but the first love is not the big love, it's nice and funny, but that's it..

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