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Does my new spouses income affect my child support?

I currently live in CA and I am moving to CO. I will be modifying my child support case to 100% physical custody. There should be a change in support as we currently have 80-20 ( but he doesn't see him at all). Will my new husbands income affect my support negatively, meaning will I get less because of what my husband makes. I believe my husband makes double his income.

* please don't feel bad for him, he's never been in his life and my son doesn't really know who he is. I could have changed the custody a long time ago if I wanted more money since he doesn't see him but I didn't and I'm only doing it now since we are moving out of state.


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    No, your new spouses income affect your child support.

    You can not modify the child support, only the court can do that. Also you moving out of state is up to the court, It needs to be approved by the courts and your childs father does have some say in this matter.

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