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What temp will my GPU and CPU overheat?

I have an AMD FX-8150 Eight core processor and an ASUS Radeon 7770 HD 2GB GDDR5 and I'm wondering at what temp these should run at and what temp in Farenheit i should start to worry at

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    farenheir is a way to old game to stress your gpu. Gpus have bigger temps than CPUS. For example most gpus can even reach 80-85 C (thats too hot) and most cpus shouldnt go above 60. With the game you mentioned you shouldnt be getting more than 50 C on your CPU and not more than 50 on your GPU. (it depends on the temperature in your room too) to sum up if with this game either of those go above 50 you might wanna check for dust or bad fans

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