why do some people say "there is a universal contempt for teenage boys" and the like?

i honestly don't see it but a lot of people believe this. have you ever seen this happen without the boy being just weird guy or provoking it? or is this all just teenage boys complaining?

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    The boys at my school are smart and stupid at the same time. And the teachers show them special treatment especially the baseball players. Thsy smoke weed, watch porn, and all kinds of crap at school.

    The list of special treatment goes like this: After the preppy white boys, its the preppy white girls,the black guys, then the ghetto black girls, then the lame white girls, and finally the lame black girls (me).

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I must admit I would rather be stuck behind two lepers in a movie theater then two teenage boys(not all but most) they are usually loud obnoxious and with any kind of manners. Teenage girls are loud too but at least they seem generally happy and nice. I've also never heard some one say they have contempt for all teenage boys.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    teenage boys are evil atheists brainwashed by the satanic Illuminati cult that openly rules the world. They're too stupid to reason their way up to any fixed moral standards, so they let the hollywood occult fantasy world think for them, then blame "society" for their bullsh!t. Teenage boys are zombie soul-slaves to the Social Darwinism-corrupted, Cultural Marxism-dominated, democratic liberal politically-correct Antichrist control grid that surrounds them. They're unwise, undisciplined, ungrateful, immoral, know-it-all young punks who don't understand real reality or real history, so they believe any psychological deception tactic that their satanic puppet idols preach to them, not realizing that most of their God-hating idols are CIA mind-control slaves, or blackmailed & forced to spread the anti-mind agenda for the nwo.

  • 8 years ago

    because teenage boys often do a lot of stupid sh*t. The same goes for teenage girls.

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