How to get my gf from worshiping celebrities?

She's extremely idolatrous. Always caught up in the Hollywood fantasy world like a mind-control slave. She remains on twitter for hours, and if we're not together, she knows no other alternative but mainstream pop culture.

Now, if she was the typical stupid laymen sheep, it'd be one thing, but she's extremely intelligent & she knows I respect her mind, so it's like she hates the real world so much that she deliberately dumbs her own mind down with stupidity. I never complain about her specifically, but I trash talk celebrities by calling them evil satanic Illuminati puppets, scum, cult-leaders, hypocrites, greedy, leaches etc. and she just laughs about it, but she pretty much literally worships them like pagan deities.

It's so annoying how I'll be busy working or studying, and every 5 minutes she has some celebrity trivia to tell me like I care. Or if some major event happens, and the media glorifies a hero, she'll research everything about the person & keep telling me about him as if she knows him personally. She never shuts up about stupid things that don't even matter to me like American Idol or whatever her current favorite show is on TV. I couldn't care any less about mainstream pop culture if you paid me to. I'd much rather we go outside in nature, or go downtown for the day or something, which we do but she's always talking about nonsense & I can't complain!

It's irritating as hell because she listens to mainstream music, which is all exactly the same! You know that typical techno beat that sounds like the snare is saying "douche douche douche douche" and the music is designed to make people stupid. To hell with kim kardashian's baby-daddy, or the teen mom's sex tape. I don't give a damn about nicki minaj's new evil satanic witchcraft duet with drake or kesha's child murder-glorifying psychotic retard album. dude! how to I get her to shut the bloody hell up about stupid CIA mind-control cultural-Marxist garbage?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Wow! You write well.This kind of sounds like something one of friends would say about me.I do watch American idol and read about celebrities lives a lot,but that is only because I am so miserable with my own life,and I don't know how to fix my own life.Reading and thinking about other people's lives gives my mind a break from worry about my own.But guess what,reading is funadamental. Its better that your girlfriend spend time online actually reading and using her brain,rather than sitting in front of a tv all day letting her mind go idle.

    To me,no one is worshipping and idolizing celebs unless its just one.If its just one that they are constantly talking about all day.Also when people idolize they are usually spending money to see these celebs,and buying t-shits etc,which is something that I don't do.I bet she doesn't either.

    However,if she really spends hours on twitter,then that is a problem.You should ask her why she waste so much time on twitter,and try to get her to go walking with you more or interesting in other activities. Many of us know about the CIA,illuminatti and mind control, but we are not obsessed with talking about it,or living in fear about it.You need to tell her that yes these things exist,but she needs to stop worrying and talking about it so much,because there is not much that she can do about it.

  • 7 years ago

    Hey its great that you appreciate her mind and inteligence and all but I don't see you too having a lot in common. I'm guessing she's quite hot. If you want to use this site to rant off and vent steam then fine but this is how its going to be so you might want to meet someone more on your level. Or you could talk to her seriously ie not just debasing her perspective but laying some groundrules ie no drivel when I'm studying, quality time away from the net etc. Does she even know how one dimensional her conversation is? Its amazing how we can be blind to ourselves, she might be really surprised and actually want to change.

  • 7 years ago

    start showing her the tabloid headlines and tell her this is the lives of these people and the crap their kids will have to live in, and none of them are happy off camera.

  • 7 years ago

    one time i had a dream that i was a piece of poop

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