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Can hormone Vitamin harm a 24 year old Female?

I've been taking hormone Vitamin to gain more cervix mucus ( works wonderful) how ever I am now experiencing some spotting eight days before my menstrual cycle suppose to come I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the hormone Vitamin?? Will taking this Vitamin harm me in any way?? better yet am I even suppose to be taken this at the age of 24??

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    Unless one knows what one is doing, i would say NEVER take anything to mess with hormones, they are too hard to get back in the right balance ,and can mess you up.

    I don't know what hormone vitamin is, but you should ask this woman, what to do,, or, or

    Look up fo ti for increasing body fluid in a healthy way. a healthy clean source at white tiger, seven forests, or which are based in traditional chinese medicine. Western medicine has nothing like that, the doctor above will know about them also.

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