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Trying to conceive, any advice and help please?

Me and my fiancée really want to have a kid, we've beening trying now for a few months around two, but in the back of our heads we we're both really trying for the last 5. Im 19 and hes 23, we've had sex every day for the last four months I've done the whole pillows under your butt and hips after sex, and holding your legs up. I just started taking prenatal vitamins yesturday because i heard its good for you to start before you get pregnant and right now it wouldnt hurt to get all the vitamins you need and it might help, i cut them in half and take one half at 6:30 in the morning and the other at 6:30 at night.

I would like too know more stuff i could be doing to help conceive.

i did gain alot of weight a few years back and it messed with my cycles i didnt get periods for months, about a year ago almost i started losing the weight so my periods have been coming back every month now (5 so far that ive put down in my calendar, but there has been more then five i just didnt get those ones down) my period is coming every month but the cycle days right now change mpst months. Plus idk if it mattets but im still losing weight well trying right now im 185 i was 238... ):

We really want to start a family together so any tips or help or anything. Would be amazing. And truely helpful. Thank you.

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    I am 19 also, me and my boyfriend were trying for a baby for probably over a year.. i kept track of my periods and when i was ovulating... i was constantly worrying about it and thinking it would never happen.. its actually suppose to be impossible for me to get pregnant because i have had cancer... well after trying for that long, i finally gave up and just said im just not gonna keep track of it anymore and maybe it will just happen... and that was the month i got pregnant.. i am 6 weeks right now. I actually think not worrying about it helps because i read that worrying can make you ovulate later... i did lay on my back for about 15 minutes after having sex everytime though. If you don't get pregnant within a year then you should consider seeing a doctor to make sure you can have kids and your fiance too. I wish you luck. I was very excited when i found out. Its a great feeling.

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    Me and my fiancé are the same age and we have been trying for 5 months now and I have tried the hole pillow thing too and the legs in the air and we haven't had no luck yet well we are waiting on my blood test results to come back cause I'm havin symptoms of pregnancy but the pee test are negative so I had a blood test done today now it's jus a waiting game. And I have been taking prenantal pills for a while now. There is also a lubricant called preseed tht works to help get girls pregnant try tht. Good luck

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    Hi, you answered my question were in the same boat where can I get prenatal pills and how do I take them?

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    Hi, if you are not having your period regurly that is the problem.. what you need to do is go a see a Doctor...

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