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1981 yamaha 850 specal motorcycle electric issues?

i have a 1981 yamaha 850 specal motorcyclei just baught a brand new battery for thmotorcycle and charged the battery for about siz hours after putting in the fluids it starts better than before when i had to cold start it but now i dont have any turn signals or anything on my dash board (spot where you put in the ignition) at the momment i have it in the motorcycle connected to it and its on one of the slow charger i have im thinking the battery might not have been charged fully or something let me know what you think like i said so far the only things working are the head light and other lights arround it like the back lights and the licence plate lights

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    Check your fuses.

  • Anonymous
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    Cool bike my dad rode the 750 special. You have an electrical short. Test the electrical wiring to the dash. The turn signals are tied to the dash. A cheap bulb circuit tester will work.

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    it truly is unquestionably one of two issues inflicting the problem. the two the battery or the commencing device is the fault. in case you have an amp meter study the battery volts with the ignition became off then study it returned with the motor working at approximately 3000 rpm. it would desire to have study purely over 12 volts initially and around 13.8 volts working. turn the motor off and with the volt meter nonetheless related hit the starter, if the volts drop dramatically to around 9 volts then the battery is probable shot, they do no longer often final a variety years. If it nonetheless performs up then decide for the starter motor brushes, you will ought to get rid of the starter thoroughly to get to the brushes and supply the commutator (brass area the brushes sit down on) a average polish with 600 grit moist and dry emery paper until it truly is shining. do no longer use sand paper. Reassemble the starter and it would be firing up greater ideal than ever.....

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