What best explains why people in ancient Greece focused on overseas trading rather than farming?

Which best explains why people in ancient Greece focused on overseas trading rather than farming?

A. The land was too marshy to grow enough crops

B. The land was too mountainous to grow enough crops

C. The climate was too rainy to grow enough crops.

D. The temperature was too high to grow enough crops

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    I agree with CMV about the inaccurate choices and about B being the most obvious of them, but the main reason was the fact that the rest of Greece is scattered islands that had to be provided and supplied. Once you had the means to do that on domestic scale what was there to stop them from expanding to overseas. Especially when those overseas markets could supply products that were not available by domestic production.

    Those same naval forces that were used to trade, were also the means to defend their lands. They considered them as their "Wooden Fortifications" and it was the reason they were built for, and in times of peace what would be more profitable than to use those boats for trade.

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    It is B in this inaccurate set of choices , but that does not tell the whole story .

    Greece's mainland IS 75% mountainous , but that provided a lot of pasture land for sheep and goats , plus timber from the much more extensive forests that were there back then .

    The mountains tended to seperate " Islands " of flat , fertile , well-watered agricultural land , and the much smaller population of ancient times seldom went hungry ( compare with the Famines in Egypt at the same time )

    Cattle were also raised on these flatlands .

    There were only pathways for pack animals through the mountains however , which made trade difficult , so the Greeks naturally turned to sea-going trading .

    I think it is wrong to say that any Ancient Greeks focused on Trading rather than on Agriculture though - very few , probably nearly none of the ancient communities relied upon trade to live , Agriculture was always the bedrock upon which they were built , even for classical era Athens and Sparta that held good .

    Trade simply allowed them to exchange their rare products , for other communities rare products which they did not have .

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    The standard answer would be B. The ancient Greeks were actually very good farmers, they just didn't have a lot of arable land to farm on so trade was always their best option.

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    I would go with b out of those, but this really doesn't cover it. Greece has valleys as well and is plenty fertile for growing lots of things... I think they were skilled travellers with a thirst for adventure ...

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