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Pregnant ? please honest answers?

Im having white discharge & My peroid is due tomorrow. I've been a Little Moody over te past three days. but the thing is a week and a half ago My Boyfriend & I were dry humping, He told me he pre cumed but that it didn't pass thru his jeans, that it left a small wet spot on his boxers, Then he fingered me for about 3 seconds because I told him to stop he didn't touch the pre *** & I was wet .. could I be pregnant ? & I also have like a yellowish- whitish stain on my underwear from the dry discharge , does alot of discharge mean peroid is on it's way ?

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    no your not pregnant but if you.dont wana risk it then i suggest u stop fooling around with him even if you 2are not havin intercourse it could lead there. and u may have a yeast infection from him fingering you. go to the hospital just incase

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    not even close

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