What are mediators and insulators (Gene expression)?

I'm reading the book, and it just doesn't make sense. The wording is very confusing, and my head hurts because of it.

Use baby language, my comprehension is at a minimum right now. Just tell me what mediators and insulators are and what they do.

Thank you so very much!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    A mediator is something that is composed of mutiple proteins (possibly phrased in your book as a multi-protein complex) that acts as a transcriptional protein that increases gene expression(level where genotype gives rise to phenotype) by binding to an activator(protein that increases gene transcription of a gene or set of genes.)

    An insulator is a dna sequence that helps to limit chromatin activation to certain segments of the sequence. It basically binds something called a nucleoprotein complex along the chromatin and seperates promoter and enhancer sequences.

    I really hope I didn't confuse you any more, This is as simply as I could explain it, so I hope that I was able to help!

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