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Problems with my best friends boyfriend?

My best friend started going out with this guy a few months ago, so I tried to be friendly and get to know him a little so it wouldn't be awkward when she brought him places with our group of friends. And I didn't exactly "click" with him but I was still nice to him and tried to make small talk. One day in class out of no where he starts saying all these rude things to my face. Like calling me ugly and making fun of the way I look and some other stuff. And all while he was saying those things he told other people in class and was pointing at me trying to get them to laugh. But nobody was laughing everyone just said he was being a complete asshole. I was about to cry in front of my teacher. So after class I see my friend and tell her what happened and she says she'll talk to him, and later I get a text saying he's sorry he was just joking. I feel as if some things are better said in person, and this was one of them. So I just ignored the text message and stopped talking to him all together. If he's going to be rude and immature I don't need him in my life. And it's been a few months and I don't care at this point, the only thing that bothers me is that now he's talking **** about me to people saying I'm a crazy judgmental *****. My bestfriend tells me how he hates me and how i started all of this. But he still has yet to man up an apologize to my face. Idk I just wanna know if I'm crazy for wanting a face to face apology from him and for him to be respectful of me. I mean he had the courage to say all those mean and hurtful things to my face so why doesn't he have the courage to apologize to my face. I don't hate him it's just awkward when my best friend brings him along and he gives me looks and I know what he says behind my back and my best friend doesn't know. I feel as if he's just one of those people I don't need in my life knocking me down. Sorry this is long idk I just don't know what to do to fix things

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    How old is he ,12? Hopefully your friend doesn't date him much longer because he seems disrespectful to women. Don't worry about it, if he wants to take the step to apologize then u should start talking and be nice. If not just leave it alone hes an asshole!

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