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AP environmental science 2013 exam...?

Did you find both the multiple choice and frq easy or hard?

I should have studied the air pollutants a little more.

I thought it was harder than all of the tests my teacher had given to us. Everyone said it was easy so I feel kind of stupid. ANY TIPS? This was my second ap exam and I have govt and economics coming up

Also for the sediment question what did you put for the two and why it harms the aquatic ecosystem. I put dams as one but blanked for the other one but I'm sure it was easy

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    7 years ago

    The AP Board looks at overviews of these tests on online sources such as yahoo and social networks. I heard that if the frq questions are discussed prior to them giving out the guidelines, those persons are disqualified and receive a 0 grade.

    Source(s): Its in the rules and regulations.
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