Question about University of Minnesota ( twin city campus)?

Hi. I visited their website and carefully checked what I wanted to know but there's one thing i'm sorta worried.

What's the atmosphere like at U of M? any racism or some degree of hate crime?

I know MN is a white dominant state and i'm not white and I was wondeing what's the life like in twin cities as a college student.

thanks in advance.

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  • Jason
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    7 years ago
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    UofM is really friendly, so is the rest of MN. (Except for a few places, haha)

    I grew up in MN as an Asian, and I have made many great friends.

    I live in Seattle now, but my younger brother went there. He graduated last year.

    It's actually a lot less racist there that it is in culturally diverse Seattle. By far, the people there are genuine nice people. Not to bring down all people in SEattle of course.

    The city is a nice calm city with a friendly public. You can just say hello to people and they won't stare at you like U are some crazy foreigner. Haha

    It gets pretty cold un in MN (As you probably know,)

    I would highly recommend applying

    Good luck!

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